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2009 Toyota Camry

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I am a visiting scholar in Austin, and I willreturn to my country soon, so I need to sell my 2009 Toyota Camry here.

" U+ O. Y4 W) ]4 \( M7 ~7 \$ OMy 2009 Toyota Camry is inPerfect Condition with 135,000 miles! This car has a clean CarFax, noaccidents, and is a very reliable car. This car has Power Locks, Power Windows,Cruise Control, Pioneer Stereo Systems, Wireless Bluetooth, ABS. This car has passed the stateinspection last month (2/2017), and performed the regular maintenanceon 3/12/2017, including oil exchange, both cabin air filter and air filter exchange.
KBB price is $6550, now asking for $6500.
You won't find a better one in Austin! I havethe clean title and will transfer it with you at a local DMV.

- Y) j  ~" a; _* w9 N; JI bought it from a local family. I have used thecar about one year with no accident.
' F3 x6 J% E( Q+ F& f. t
TEXT me 512-203-1581 to arrange a test drive with me. Email (121590147@qq.com) isalso ok, thank you, CASH only.
' E) l7 S3 [3 L0 S; w
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谢谢支持! 欢迎老师和同学们试驾!
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